ASE02-CASS mixed by RED GREG

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Image of ASE02-CASS mixed by RED GREG

Limited Edition of 150 Cassettes curated by Amila & Aurelien for Altered Soul Experiment.
Recorded live by Darren Griffiths aka Red Greg in London, 2015.
Artwork by Sidney Reilly. Photography by Mehdi Lacoste. Layout by Kirpy. Words by Paul Moulden
Duplicated in Berlin on high fidelity Chrome tape.

The second A.S.E. release comes from London-based DJ/Record collector, Red Greg (Darren Griffiths). Keeping with his rhetoric shown in all of his previous mixes, Red Greg has avoided sticking to a specific structure to direct the flow of this 90-minute mix, rather focusing on pairing tracks that sound harmonious together.

Whilst the framework of A.S.E 002 is improvised, the ideology is clear from the outset - challenging the convention that records do not have to be expensive to reflect high-quality production. Collecting vinyl is not an expression of how much you have paid for a record; it’s a reflection of taste, history and knowledge. This mix is selection of records from Red Greg’s extensive collection that he has listened to at home many times over the years and still play out from time to time.

Shipping from : 21.09.2015


Image of ASE02-CASS mixed by RED GREG