ASE01-CASS mixed by VOLCOV

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Image of ASE01-CASS mixed by VOLCOV

Limited Edition of 150 Cassettes curated by Amila & Aurelien for ASE. Recorded live by Enrico Crivellaro aka Volcov in Verona, 2015.
Artwork by Sidney Reilly & photography by Mehdi Lacoste.
Duplicated in Canada on high fidelity Chrome Plus tape.

This mix by Volcov is a one and a half hour experience that carries a distinct narrative. It promotes the concept of an enriching relationship with music through focused listening. It is not just about related tracks interacting, but weaving them together creating a fluid warm feeling, made of personal memories and inspirations.

Scattered chatty voices and dancefloor-boogie move to a calm funky swish resulting in sweet melodies sprinkled with emotionally charged lyrics. The mix ranges from The Controller's classic "Stay" to Hi-Tension, where David Joseph's vocals embrace you with every single "Girl I Betcha", to bangers such as the Cargo Feat. Dave Collins "Holding On For Love". Indeed, it reflects a warm, groovey journey through time and rhythms, a powerful body of songs drawn in liquid smooth shapes.


Image of ASE01-CASS mixed by VOLCOV