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Image of ASE03-CASS mixed by SKYMARK

Limited Edition of 150 Cassettes curated by Amila & Aurelien for Altered Soul Experiment.
Recorded live by Skymark in Rio de Janeiro, 2015.
Artwork by Sidney Reilly. Photography by Mehdi Lacoste. Layout by Kirpy. Words by Paul Moulden
Duplicated in Berlin on high fidelity Chrome tape.

Currently based in Rio de Janeiro, Skymark is a producer, pianist, DJ, record collector and founder of the label Modern Sun Records. Since an early age he has been incredibly passionate for northern and modern soul, gospel, disco, spiritual jazz, Brazilian influenced, or any other kind of soulful music. This was mostly in part to his older brothers who were record collectors themselves, sharing their music and bestowing the soulful sounds of Hathaway, Wonder & Gaye onto him at the tender age of nine; which subsequently led him to begin collecting seriously at age twelve. The exposure to such an incredible spectrum of music is reflected in his ability to produce an array of music textures and genres, producing with the likes of Ghostface Killah through to Brazillian jazz compositions on his own label.

The poised union of influence and passion formed Skymark's contribution to Altered Soul Experiment. Drawing from the sincerity and soulfulness of Donny Hathaway's voice and vocalists in general, Skymark focuses both sides of the tape on Gospel music. This astute attention to detail creates a strong connection with the listener and allows them to experience music that brings goosebumps and wet eyes to a room.

Released : December 15th 2015


Image of ASE03-CASS mixed by SKYMARK