ASE04-CASS mixed by GE-OLOGY

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Image of ASE04-CASS mixed by GE-OLOGY

Curated by Amila & Aurelien for Altered Soul Experiment.
Recorded live by Ge-ology in USA, 2015.
Artwork by Sidney Reilly. Photography by Mehdi Lacoste. Layout by Kirpy. Words by Paul Moulden
Duplicated in Berlin on high fidelity Chrome tape.

This humble, yet masterful music producer, skilled DJ and equally gifted visual artist has been acclaimed internationally for over two decades. Over the course of his career he's worked with notable recording artists such as Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Jill Scott and De La Soul, among others. Delving into house territory with his latest work on Theo Parrish's Sound Signature label, Ge-ology constantly builds on his immense vinyl collection, translating his knowledge into his sets by weaving diverse music genres that coalesce to inspire soulful movement on the dance floor.

For ASE's latest release the electronic funk fiend, hip-hop beat maker and all-round innovator digs deep into his collection providing the listener a solid backbone of boogie and funk. Both sides focus heavily on tracks that showcase the capacity of live instruments, whilst venturing intricately into analog-infused production

"It's important for me to see people open their minds and connect the dots between genre gaps that have been delicately crafted in music, which sometimes hurt people's perception of a set. I've focused more on the deep, funky, soulful side and explored the spectrum of live instrument-based compositions all the way to the analogue electronically programmed side of production. "

Released : February 24th 2016


Image of ASE04-CASS mixed by GE-OLOGY