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Image of ASE05-CASS mixed by MARCELLUS PITTMAN (PT.1)

Curated by Amila & Aurelien for Altered Soul Experiment.
Recorded live by Marcellus Pittman in Detroit, 2016.
Artwork by Sidney Reilly. Photography by Mehdi Lacoste. Layout by Kirpy. Words by Paul Moulden
Duplicated in Berlin on high fidelity Chrome tape.

Expressing the rich history and soul of Motor City through his sets and production, Marcellus Pittman has ingrained himself as one of Detroit’s favourite second generation son’s of house music. Producing music since 1992, he released his first track seven years later with long- time friend Theo Parrish on Sound Signature. Since then, Pittman’s releases on labels such as FXHE and Track Mode have showcased his diversity and ingenuity of producing proper soul music. This ethos is further exemplified through his own imprint Unirhythm where his solo work is on full display.

Flirting between Boogie, Fast-Groove, Soul and Funk, a small piece of the Marcellus Pittman, crowds rarely ever seen is unveiled for the fifth instalment of ASE. The essence of this contribution is one purely from reflecting the heart and soul of Pittman’s biggest influences, shown through his private collection of records built over the years of digging, but seldom played outside his friends and family.

Stripping back to it’s rawest form, Pittman’s contribution to ASE is defined by his immense record collection, showcasing tracks he rarely has the chance to play out. Pittman’s decision to record this live at his home in Detroit is a testament to his genuine attitude towards the craft of selecting records that suit the present time, environment and mood. All forms of art are an expression and Pittman masterfully curates his love of Detroit and the Mid-West into this project.

Released : July 25th 2016


Image of ASE05-CASS mixed by MARCELLUS PITTMAN (PT.1)